our story

As a collective of moms with busy jobs and lots of kids (who always seemed to forget the concept of ‘indoor voices’), we were constantly operating in high gear. By the end of the day we were running on empty. Our top priority became finding a way to bring down the energy levels at home.

we believe in the power of sensory care

Soon we found patterns. This kid chewed on their pencils while that one piled heavy blankets on their lap. We could feel the calm in the room during those moments. Fulfilling those sensory needs became a cornerstone of our families' wellness.  

labels are for clothes, not people

You don't have to fall under a certain label to embrace your sensory side. (We know we didn't.) That's why we reimagined proven, essential sensory tools to make them feel more like us

We want the same for you– to be able to cultivate a true sense of calm by filling your home with products you love.

it takes a village

And we’re here to be yours. After sifting through mountains of data with occupational therapists and product designers, we made 'sensory’ simple. 

We've narrowed down our selection to the sensory must-haves so that you can easily find the calm in simplicity. Because when you practice sensory self-care with the true essentials, you'll find you need less to feel more.