sensory care kit

SKU: SB8785

The kit you won't want to practice self-care without. Reduce stress as you squeeze and stretch the s-chidget. Release tension with an at-home massage. Sit back as the weight of the lap pad sends those happy hormones through your body.

Gift this kit to yourself or someone you love. You deserve it.

the basics

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stay safe


Use with adult supervision. Inspect chew before each use. Discard immediately if any part of chew is damaged.

Foam Roller

Use with adult guidance. Do not use on stomach, neck or face. Not for mouthing or chewing.

Weighted Lap Pad

Use with adult guidance. Never use to cover face or restrict child's movement. Follow the age and weight guidelines for each size. Do not allow user to sleep with this weighted product. Use weighted products with guidance from a therapist.